Fellows Project: AARP’s Longevity Economy

  • Team Leader – Craig Long, Chief Growth Officer at SentryHealth
  • David G. Wolf, Ph.D., MSJ, MSOL – Professor & Chair, Department of Health Services & Senior Living Leadership, Bellarmine University, Fellow ACHCA, CNHA, CALA, CAS
  • Ron Bridges, State Director with AARP Kentucky
  • Allison Sheffer, Graduate Research Assistant to Dr. David G. Wolf, joined team in late August


The project focused on The Greater Louisville Longevity Economy which is based upon AARP’s “The Longevity Economy Outlook” that was published in December, 2019. This report may be found at:

Team AARP examined the Longevity Economy within Jefferson County, specifically those citizens 50 years and older and the impact they make in economic contributions, worth over $9 trillion in 2018 and projected to grow through 2050” (AARP, 2019).

The evaluated hypothesis was:

“The COVID-19 pandemic will have a detrimental effect (inverse correlation) on the greater Louisville 50-plus cohort who play a central role in supporting families and communities, whether it is through employment, volunteering, or caregiving”.

Team AARP leveraged the research resources within AARP to support the data gathering process, including survey design and survey field distribution via a telephonic survey. The survey tool that was utilized for those Jefferson County individuals 50 years and older contained a few specific demographic questions that will enable AARP to look at other data analysis pertaining to the respondents.  The balance of the questions were specific to the identified hypothesis.  The telephonic survey took approximately 15 minutes to complete, with a goal of obtaining sufficient responses that would yield a statistically relevant sample of the 50+ Jefferson County residents.

The survey process was conducted between August 24th and September 4th to a randomly generated population set of Jefferson County residents. The team received 1008 completed surveys.

View Team AARP’s final presentation and the AARP Jefferson County, KY annotated survey:

View infographics:

  1. Concerns About The Coronavirus Pandemic (AARP) InfoGraphic – Kentucky Pandemic
  2. Caregiving In The Age Of The Coronavirus Pandemic (AARP) InfoGraphic – Kentucky Pandemic 
  3. Staying In Touch During The Coronavirus Pandemic (AARP) InfoGraphic – Kentucky Pandemic
  4. Disruptions In Employment During The Coronavirus Pandemic (AARP) InfoGraphic – Kentucky Pandemic

View AARP Presentation and Survey Fact Sheet: