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In partnership with Medical News, Health Enterprises Network brings you HealthConomy a podcast where the top health care leaders in the region share their stories and we explore the history of the development of healthcare businesses in our region.

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Episode 6: Warren Olson, UPS


Many people know UPS for their brown trucks and world-wide airline fleet shipping packages across the world. However, UPS also has a significant healthcare operation, where they ship fragile biologics that have to be stored below freezing or help make sure surgeons have access to the sterilized tools they need to save lives. Warren Olson says UPS Healthcare is a hidden gem in Louisville that quite literally ensures our healthcare system runs.

Warren Olson
VP of Healthcare Distribution Operations

Episode 5: Phil Marshall, Hosparus Health


Phil Marshall is involved in many aspects of our region’s health-related economy and has been an integral part of our efforts to grow the community. In this episode, Phil shares some of the challenges his organization has faced and opportunities for us all to work together. Phil also talks about the new Strategic Plan the Health Enterprises Network Board of Directors is rolling out.

Phil Marshall
CEO and President
Hosparus Health

Episode 4: Ben Reno-Weber, Microsoft Future of Work Initiative


In this episode, Ben Reno-Weber discusses the economic impact of Microsoft’s selection of Louisville as its tech hub and what needs to happen for the entrepreneurial ecosystem to flourish.

Ben Reno-Weber
Microsoft Future of Work Initiative

Episode 3: Russ Cox, Norton Healthcare

In this episode, Russ Cox describes how working at Humana helped shape the culture and philosophy of the work he is doing at Norton Healthcare.

Russ Cox
President and CEO
Norton Healthcare

Episode 2: Nigel Smith and Deborah Jordan, AARP Innovation Labs

Discover how AARP Innovation Labs supports startups using cutting edge technology and meets the challenges of a changing demographic with disruptive innovation.

Nigel Smith
Director, Hatchery Ventures
AARP Innovation Labs

Deborah Jordan
Senior Design Thinker
AARP Enterprise Innovation

Episode 1: William Fleming, Humana

A look inside one of Louisville’s largest healthcare companies and their transformations to address a changing healthcare environment. 

William Fleming, PharmD
Segment President
Healthcare Services Clinical and Pharmacy Solutions