About Us_2019


Health Enterprises Network is the most advanced healthcare network in the Greater Louisville region 

Health Enterprises Network leads, organizes and facilitates region-wide economic growth in the healthcare sector through a theme based approach to programming and initiatives. HEN is an investor-led organization of thought leaders that aim to provide meaningful and measurable results for the region’s healthcare sector in the following ways:

  1. Educational Programming
  2. Communication & Collaboration between regional organizations
  3. Community Focused Projects
  4. Professional Networking
  5. Access to Advocacy
  6. Health-Related Data Resources

HEN’s 2018 Themes

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Talent Attraction
Aging Care


To champion and foster the growth of the region’s health-related economy


Health Enterprises Network’s vision is for the region to be globally recognized as the “location of choice” for health-related businesses, researchers, educators, investors and consumers.


Executive Committee

Board of Directors


David Buschman, Managing Director

Vanessa Koenigsmark, Program and Communications Manager