From Louisville Culture of Health blog:

In spring 2019, the Louisville Health Advisory Board (LHAB) expressed a need and interest in better understanding what other local health collaboratives’ objectives and key initiatives were, such that it could identify intersection points and/or how the collaboratives could best support each other.

While there are lists/resource directories (Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky’s Kentucky Health Coalition Directory) and visuals (Health Enterprises Network’s Map of Health-related Companies), there is not a consolidated document to depict the primary entities focused on health in Louisville, along with mission statements, key initiatives, and leadership contacts.  In consideration of this, LHAB leadership engaged in discussions with the following organizations to identify how it could partner with and showcase our efforts collectively:

These discussions proved fruitful and each organization aligned on the creation of a document, with an objective of:

  • Providing education for the community on key entities working towards a healthier Louisville
  • Increasing awareness and understanding of respective missions and initiatives
  • Increasing collaboration and support of one another’s work

Take a look at the document accessible below and let us know if it created more awareness of health entities beyond those which you may be directly or indirectly involved in, or if it inspired you to get involved with these organizations in a new way.

Check it out here: Our Shared Mission: Improving Louisville’s Health