Team KNA

Fellows Project: Kentucky Nurses Association Nurse Resource Book

  • Team Co-Leaders:
    • Jill Gaines, Associate Director of Admissions & Community Partnerships at Spalding University
    • Holly Symonds Clark PhD, Deputy Director, Commercialization EPI-Center, University of Louisville School of Medicine
  • Dale Clemons, Founder, myHealthyUS LLC & HealthGenie Holdings LLC
  • Vanessa Garrett, System VP Compliance & Audit at Norton Healthcare
  • Robert E. Thieman, CPA, JD, In-House Counsel & Business Advisor at ARGI
  • Allison Walker, Certified Medical Assistant & Health Literacy Advocate at My Health E

View Team KNA’s final project presentation.

2020 is the Year of the Nurse and Midwife as declared by the World Health Organization in honor of the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birthday.

Due to the current health pandemic, 2020 is also the year that nurses are on the front lines – delivering the majority of patient care to global populations devastated by Coronavirus-19 infection.

The Kentucky Nurses Association (KNA), established in 1906, is dedicated to the nursing profession in Kentucky by promoting the role of Kentucky nurses in health care delivery and advocating for quality patient care.

As a new initiative during the Year of the Nurse, KNA introduced its plan to develop the first edition of an Annual Kentucky Nurse Resource Book.  KNA wants the broad community to recognize that the nursing profession is constantly evolving.  The nurses of the 21st century have many different faces and come from many different backgrounds, and they are all dedicated to protecting public health.  KNA’s Nurse Resource Book will introduce the public to the various faces, names and outstanding expertise of nurses across the Commonwealth.

The role of Team KNA is to market the new Nurse Resource Book, as follows: (1) Inward – to nurses to register their information for the book, and (2) Outward to the greater community to highlight nurses for recruiting, education and other purposes.

KNA accepted registration submissions from nurses for the 2021 edition until October 1, 2020.   Prior to the deadline, the Fellows Team worked to market the Nurse Resource Book through the following activities:

  • Developed attractive text to add excitement to the Nurse Resource Book announcement on KNA’s website. The new look promotes the value of the Nurse Resource Book to encourage more nurses to submit their information.
  • Collected “fun facts” of nurses to educate and build interest in the nursing profession and Nurse Resource Book.
  • Designed electronic posters to highlight KNA and the Nurse Resource Book. The posters can be distributed to physician and nursing organizations, nursing schools, Kentucky medical sites, and a variety of other medical-based organizations.
  • Connected KNA with a videographer to create short video clips to distribute to various public service spots and social media sites.
  • Created marketing resources for KNA to use in future marketing campaigns for annual updates to its Resource Book.
  • We gathered helpful hints for KNA to maintain the Resource Book as the project moves forward into new years and editions.

All the members of Team KNA are very passionate about the role of nurses in our health care system, and recognize the urgent need to highlight the expertise and roles of nurses throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky.