Astarte Medical Partners develops technology to save infants, cut NICU stays

PHILADELPHIA— Armed with seed funding and connections through Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania , two veteran Philadelphia-area health care investment entrepreneurs teamed with a prominent researcher to develop products that will improve premature babies’ health, predict which ones might develop a deadly infection and, ultimately, reduce their length of stays in expensive intensive care units.

This journey from medical problem to marketable solution is detailed in the latest case study released by “The New Philadelphia Casebook: Studies in Health Care Innovation,” a preeminent publication that is part of the Health Care Innovation Collaborative, a CEO Council for Growth initiative to draw attention to the Greater Philadelphia region’s accomplishments in health care.

While seeking insights into the clinical needs of women’s and children’s hospitals, Tracy Warren and Tammi Jantzen — owners of Astarte Ventures and Astarte Medical Partners — met and eventually teamed with Harvard Medical School assistant professor of pediatrics Katherine E. Gregory, Ph.D., RN, who’s also director of newborn care improvement and analytics and Haley nurse-scientist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital…. Read more

Read case study and tech development overview here.

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