2017 Themes and Projects

HEN is pivoting its service model to be a driving force for change in the healthcare community through a theme approach to programming and initiatives. By adopting a four theme strategy, HEN will be able to focus its energy on top issues affecting the region’s economy.

Through a polling of HEN investors, four themes were identified as being most pertinent to the strength of Louisville’s healthcare economy. For each theme, HEN will feature an event that identifies an issue and drives discussion. HEN will extend its impact by delivering four theme based projects that prove meaningful and measurable results for the region’s healthcare sector. Projects will support GLI’s focuses on talent, economic growth and business environment, and provide tangible benefit to the business community.

By aligning ourselves with the missions and initiatives of GLI, Metro Government and other and business agencies, HEN will strengthen its role as the convener for healthcare businesses and support our original mission to champion and foster the growth of the region’s health-related economy.

Click below to learn more about the project and event for each theme!
Long Term Care

Tort reform and creating an environment where aging care can grow and prosper.


FLATLINED: Resuscitating Long Term Care, March 21, 2017
A timely discussion on the future of long term care and tort reform in Kentucky. The panel discussion examined the catalyst for reinvention of how post-acute care will be delivered to an ever increasing population, national trends and business strategies, local and state initiatives, and how to make Kentucky’s aging care business environment more welcoming and prosperous. Click here to see the event video!


HEN has commissioned an economic report addressing the current economic impact of Kentucky’s tort free environment and what the impact could be for varying levels of tort reform. Expected completion date is August 2017. The 2017 HEN Healthcare Fellows class will be responsible for the development of a communication and implementation strategy for the report and the information it contains.

Expected Outcome: Share the completed economic study with the community to dispel false information, clarify what tort reform is and use the data to implement change.

Connection to GLI’s mission: The report will assist with the legislative agenda of GLI’s advocacy department, and provide access to useful information and direction to the large healthcare population in the greater Louisville area.

Technology in Healthcare

Innovations and new technologies in healthcare that improve patient outcomes and care efficiency.


LOOK WHO’S TALKING: The Seamless Exchange of Healthcare Data, May 16, 2017
Look Who’s Talking addressed issues of interoperability along transitions of care and highlighted new healthcare technologies that allow patients to better manage their health. Speakers included healthcare leaders from Samsung, CDW Healthcare, Mayo Clinic, ZirMed and more. Click here to see the event video!


HEN will bring together healthcare IT experts and Grace Simrall, Chief Innovation Officer for Louisville Metro Government, to develop a data sharing agreement that will allow the city to access leading indicators of prescription and non-prescription drug abuse and overdoses in order to identify high risk/use neighborhoods. The city currently only has access to historical data from insurance companies; this dated information is not recent enough to aid in targeting specific geographies within the city.

Expected Outcome: Solving a long time data access issue and provide a direct impact to the overall health and prosperity of the city.

Connection to GLI’s mission: By assisting with creating a healthier city, HEN aids business attraction efforts and economic growth in the overall economy, reaching beyond the healthcare sector.

Business Development and Economic Growth


Entrepreneurs: Louisville’s Key to Economic Growth in Healthcare, September 14, 2017
Event to bring together the entrepreneurial community and established healthcare leaders to promote entrepreneurism and highlight the critical value of such organizations and individuals to the overall success and growth of Louisville’s economy. 


On September 14th was the launch of the HEN VIP (Very Innovative Pioneer) program, an ongoing initiative designed to bridge the gap between health-related entrepreneurs and existing healthcare organizations. The HEN VIP is a group of entrepreneurial companies that embody health-related innovation. These companies will gain access to connect with healthcare leaders in Health Enterprises Network via website features, mentoring programs, inclusion in investor activities, committee engagement and more! Entrepreneurial companies that operate in the healthcare sector are encouraged to apply to be a part of the ongoing program. Learn more here!

Expected Outcome and Connection to GLI mission: Startups and entrepreneurial endeavors create jobs and bring technological innovation to the Greater Louisville region. By fostering these initiatives, we aim to make Louisville more competitive among our neighbor cities, and therefore increase the attraction of talent to the region.

Workforce Development


Stay Tuned! Event targeted for October 24th
Hear from CEOs from the regions top healthcare companies who will identify and discuss issues and opportunities relevant to Louisville’s healthcare community and what should be done to grow and retain a talented workforce.

Expected Outcome: The event will serve as the public roll out of the Louisville Healthcare Council.


This year’s Healthcare Fellows have chose to focus on workforce development for their year-end project. The group will collect data on best practices for workforce development and retention in Louisville and surrounding cities. Efforts will culminate into a white paper report that aims to raise awareness on workforce development techniques for employers, higher education institutions, high school guidance staff, and non-traditional students.

Expected Outcome: Challenge the status quo of outdated training and attraction methods, forcing employers to think outside the box and re-calibrate their expectations and strategies around talent attraction and retention.