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“CONVERGE Louisville: Aging & Innovation” September 18, 2019

With 25 presenters over 10 sessions, CONVERGE attendees listened, learned and engaged in discussions about creating healthy ecosystems for seniors, newly emerging age tech, leveraging data and technology to create disruption, the use of technology in treating depression, combining community and arts to enhance the lives of seniors, utilizing tele-health to reach and extend care to rural areas, implementing cloud based services to senior communities and utilizing a platform to combine healthcare, education and community services to improve the lives of seniors.

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“Entrepreneurs & Big Cos: Mapping the Path to Collaboration and Economic Growth,” May 23, 2019

Featured Panelists:
Kevin Bramer, CEO, Lucina Health
Angelique Johnson, CEO & Co-founder, MEMStim
Praveen Thadani, Senior Vice President Growth Strategy & Trend, Humana
MODERATED BY: Patrick Henshaw, CEO, Louisville Entrepreneurship Acceleration Partnership (LEAP)

A panel of local entrepreneurs and corporate innovators explore the economic growth possible through collaboration between local startups and big-to-medium sized companies at an event held at The Olmsted.

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HEN VIP Showcase LIVE STREAM from “Entrepreneurs & Big Cos: Mapping the Path to Collaboration and Economic Growth”

Health Enterprises Network talks with event panelists and entrepreneurs from the HEN VIP  (Very Innovative Pioneer) program.

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“Louisville’s Health Care History,” March 7, 2019

Featured speaker Bruce Lunsford, Chairman & CEO of Lunsford Capital and Founder and former CEO of Vencor, Inc. (now known as Kindred Healthcare) shares Louisville’s formidable history of health care excellence, and Health Enterprises Network unveils the “Louisville Map of Health-Related Companies.”

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CONVERGE Louisville: CEO Panel: “Louisville: The Epicenter of Aging Care Innovation,” May 17, 2018

Ken Marshall, President & CEO, University of Louisville Hospital
Phil Marshall, President & CEO, Hosparus Health
Joe Steier, President & CEO, Signature HealthCARE
Mark Vogt, President & CEO, Galen College of Nursing
Moderated by Tammy York Day, President & CEO, Louisville Healthcare CEO Council

In a panel discussion, Louisville Healthcare CEOs share what they envision for the area and why they are committed to working together to get Louisville the recognition it deserves as the national epicenter for aging care innovation.

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Workforce Planning & Analytics, March 21, 2018

Industry top leaders lift the veil to reveal the surprising details about the future of the healthcare labor market in the region. National workforce expert, Matt Stevenson, shares Mercer’s analysis of healthcare labor demand in Kentucky, and give custom strategies to build a future-ready workforce. Top talent leaders uncover the workforce challenges facing their organizations, and how predictive analytics can engineer tailored solutions.
Features Presenters: Roger Cude, Enterprise Vice President, Talent & Organization Development, Humana Inc. Steve Cunanan, Chief People and Administrative Officer, Kindred Healthcare. Steven Rudolf, Vice President, Human Resources Operations, Baptist Healthcare. Matthew Stevenson, Partner, Mercer. Moderated by Beth Davisson, Executive Director, Kentucky Chamber Workforce Center. Full Video

Legislative Update, November 14, 2017

Update on health-related legislation & policy featuring Secretary Vickie Yates Brown Glisson of the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services and Hall Render Attorneys Andrew Coats and Abigail Kaericher. Full Video

Workforce Supply & Demand: Increasing the Healthcare Talent Pipeline, October 26, 2017

Typically, event videos are only available to HEN members. But we’ve decided to make the FULL VIDEO public and shareable! This discussion on building and attracting healthcare talent has some really valuable information, and we want EVERYONE to be tuned in!

On October 26, 2017, Health Enterprises Network hosted a panel of workforce leaders to discuss initiatives to SUPPLY the Greater Louisville region with the healthcare workers that the region desperately DEMANDSFull Video

Entrepreneurs: Louisville’s Key to Economic Growth in Healthcare, September 14, 2017

“Entrepreneurs” highlighted the importance of entrepreneurs to a thriving and progressive healthcare sector. The ” fireside” chat featured healthcare leaders and longtime entrepreneurs who discussed the importance of bridging the gap between corporate companies and entrepreneurial ventures. The session was followed by a “5by5 Showcase” of five selected entrepreneurial companies in Louisville who highlighted their products and services and their utility to Louisville’s established healthcare companies. Featured Speakers included: Michael Dees (co-founder & CEO, Alternative Health Solutions), Jim Rives (Senior Partner, Rives Development Associates), Ted Smith (CEO, REVON Systems) and moderator Mark Crane (COO, Edumedics). Footage of the 5by5 showcase coming soon! Full Video

LOOK WHO’S TALKING: The Seamless Exchange of Healthcare Data, May 16, 2017

Look Who’s Talking presented leaders from top healthcare technology companies who discussed approaches to achieving interoperability, techniques in predictive analytics to recover lost revenue, effective applications of beacon technology in the acute care space, trends in tech literacy in aging populations, and new in-home monitoring technologies. Featured speakers included Ginna Baik (Senior Healthcare Strategist, CDW Healthcare), Bill Waldrop (President BridgeGate Division, VorroHealth), Paul Bradley (Chief Data Scientist, ZirMed), Sam Nimah (Owner and CEO, Special Care Providers), Marcie Stoshak-Chavez MD (National Clinical Lead, Centric Consulting), David Rhew MD (Chief Medical Officer, Samsung), and moderator Grace Simrall (Chief of Civic Innovation, Louisville Metro Government) Full Video

FLATLINED: Resuscitating Long Term Care, March 21, 2017

A timely discussion on the future of long term care and tort reform in Kentucky. The panel includes: Senator Ralph Alvarado- KY Senate District 28, Sarah Davasher-Wisdom- COO of Greater Louisville Inc., Mary Haynes- President & CEO of Nazareth Homes, Marc Rothman MD- Senior Chief Medical Officer for Kindred Healthcare. Moderated by Keith Knapp- Associate Professor, Lansing School of Nursing & Health Sciences, Bellarmine University. The presentation examines the catalysts for re-imagining post-acute care, national trends and business strategies, local and state initiatives, and Kentucky’s approach to caring for the aging population. Full Video

Signature Event – The World of Medicaid, October 24, 2016

Matt Salo will discuss trends and issues in the Medicaid world, ranging from the ACA’s Medicaid expansion to the increased reliance on managed care to transform operation of the nation’s largest health insurance program. Key topics affecting Medicaid Directors include delivery system and payment reforms intended to redirect the US health care system away from uncoordinated fee for service and towards a system that rewards value over volume. States across the country are facing similar issues ranging from the opioid crisis to the high cost of specialty pharmaceuticals. Medicaid is increasingly becoming a public-private partnership and state government structures and resources need to evolve in order to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future.Full Video

 Spotlight Event – Patient Preferences: Predictably Irrational, August 11, 2016

People don’t always act rationally, especially when it comes to decisions about health and wellness. Why else would we skip our medication or choose that piece of pizza over a fresh salad? Behavioral economics seeks to understand how we make decisions, and what motives and incentives influence decision-making. When healthcare professionals can understand patient choices and preferences, they can begin to reduce the use of low-value services—services that provide little or no benefit to patients and can even cause harm. Behavioral economics allows for more efficient policies, which is much welcomed in an industry with continuing turmoil. Full Video

 Signature Event – The US Chamber Returns! April 21, 2016

During her talk in Frankfort, Katie Mahoney will speak about recent changes to the ACA and upcoming challenges facing both employers and the health care industry. Katie W. Mahoney, the Executive Director of Health Policy, rejoined the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in June 2010. Katie has more than 13 years of health care experience in hospital and health plan operations, as well as health care policy. She is responsible for developing, advocating, and publicizing the Chamber’s policy on health and works with members of Congress, the administration, and regulatory agencies to promote the organization’s health policy. Mahoney also crafts regulatory responses for the Chamber and its member companies and addresses material areas as part of a comprehensive health policy. Prior to joining the US Chamber, Katie served as assistant director of Health and FDA Business at the law firm of Greenberg Traurig. While there, she analyzed legislative and regulatory health care proposals and advised insurers, health care providers, and employers on the respective business impact. Full Video

Spotlight Event: Clinical Integration – March 21, 2016

In order to create care that is safe, effective, efficient and patient-focused, clinical integration is needed to ease the coordination of patient care across conditions, providers, settings, and time. By promoting changes in provider culture, redesigning payment methods and incentives, and modernizing federal laws, clinical integration is achievable.

On March 21, both national and local authorities representing acute care, long term care, behavioral, and end-of-life care discuss the impact, issues and implementation of patient care. Come learn how many healthcare networks are reorganizing into Clinically Integrated Networks to improve patient care, while reducing costs. Featuring Ken Yale, author of Clinical Integration: Population Health and Accountable Care, Jim Gaffney, MD, VP/CMO, Hosparus, Bryan Loy MD, VP, Cancer and Personalized Medicine Initiatives, Humana, and moderated by Sean Muldoon, Sr. VP/CMO, Kindred Healthcare. Full Video

Whose Data is it Anyway? January 21, 2016

Hospitals are taking more aggressive privacy and security measures to protect and safeguard patient data. Top growth areas in security among organizations include privacy audit systems, provisioning systems, data loss prevention, single sign-on and identity management.

Join Health Enterprises Network (HEN) and Health Information Systems Society (HIMSS) on January 21, 2016 for an all-inclusive look into the world of data privacy and security from the perspectives of the patient, the provider, legal, accounting, risk management and technology security professionals.Full Video

Revenue Cycle Management: October 22, 2015

PREVIEW: Hospitals and health systems today face formidable challenges due to changing payer mix, increased patient responsibility, and complex payment models coupled with cost pressures. The heightened focus on the transition to value-based reimbursement models and improved patient experience, has a direct impact on hospital revenues. With healthcare reform making revenue cycle operations more complex, it is becoming exceedingly clear that a robust revenue cycle performance will play an increasingly important role in providers’ financial health. As the healthcare landscape evolves towards a retail healthcare model, hospitals must focus on optimizing revenue cycle efficiency and patient experience at every touch point.   Full Video

Gubernatorial Town Hall Featuring Matt Bevin 9/16

Gubernatorial Town Hall Featuring Matt Bevin
Moderated by Jean West, Jean West’s Medical Digest

Yes, you may have witnessed Matt Bevin at another speaking engagement but this forum will be different. This forum will focus solely on healthcare – the biggest driver of Kentucky’s economy. Join us for this watershed moment because where healthcare ‘goes’ so does the prosperity of the Commonwealth. Full Video

PREVIEW: mHealth: Mobilizing the  Community – Sep 3, 2015

Please join nationally recognized health information expert, Dr. William A. Yasnoff, Dr. John Langefeld, the Chief Medical Officer at the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Ted Smith, Chief of Civic Innovation at Louisville Metro Government, the University of Louisville School of Public Health and Information Sciences, Health Enterprises Network, Medica Nexus and other health leaders for the kick-off of a community conversation about how to engage consumers – all of us – in improving health and care and lowering costs in Greater Louisville by managing our health information and communications through our mobile devices. Full Video

PREVIEW: Tort Reform – 8/18/2015

PREVIEW: It’s no secret that Louisville has grabbed the national spotlight as a hotbed for long-term care and aging business. What’s ironic is that not only does the area have the largest concentration of nursing-home and extended-care companies in the nation, it also has the worst environment for these companies in terms of long-term care litigation (as found by an independent 2014 study by AON Risk Solutions).

Tort reform, also known as medical malpractice or legal liability reform, has long been a highly contentious issue in the Commonwealth with devout champions on both sides. It’s an issue that goes far beyond nursing homes and affects every healthcare provider and facility in the state. Although attempts have been made to reform the medical malpractice system, none to date have passed both chambers in Kentucky.

Because of the lack of certain reasonable legal protections for healthcare providers, the state has become a target for out-of-state law firms looking to turn a quick profit. Many healthcare providers operating in the state have felt the pinch from the dramatic increase in lawsuits costing them millions and ultimately leading to their exit from the state. Full Video

PREVIEW: Stark: The Stark Truth to an Imperfect World – 7/15/2015

Featuring Barak Richman PhD, JD, Edgar P. and Elizabeth C. Barlett Professor of Law and Business Administration, Duke University and
Rene Savarise JD, shareholder, Hall Render Killian Heath & Lyman PSC

Medicare has always been vulnerable to fraud and abuse, and Congress has responded with the Federal Ethics in Patient Referrals Act (commonly known as the Stark law) and similar laws that limit how healthcare providers can refer Medicare patients and manage their business. These laws are at the battlefront of curbing Medicare abuse, and enforcement efforts have become more aggressive than ever, with government prosecutors investing substantial resources into prosecutions and securing record-breaking settlements. At the same time, they constrain innovators and often preclude commonsense reform.

This panel reviewed Stark and other Medicare Fraud and Abuse laws and described what they mean both for Medicare and for healthcare providers. The panel also discussed how significant efforts to reform Medicare payment strategies, including those implemented under the Affordable Care Act, relate to these laws and what they implicate for their future. Full Video

PREVIEW: ACA: Too Big to Fail? – Part 1 – 5/7/2015

PREVIEW: The Health Enterprises Network, in partnership with sponsor Norton Healthcare and Firstsource Solutions, hosted the first event of a two-part series focused on the Affordable Care Act. Held at the Clifton Center from 7:30 – 9:30 a.m. on May 7, the first part of the series featured Grace-Marie Turner, president of the Alexandria, Va. based Galen Institute and co-author of the four-star book “Why ObamaCare is Wrong for America.” During her May 7 talk, Turner provided the lay-of-the-land for the ACA and touch on timely issues of subsidies, co-ops and the $65 million bailout for the Kentucky Health Cooperative. Full Video

PREVIEW: ACA: Too Big to Fail? – Part 2, 5/29/2015

The Health Enterprises Network, in partnership with sponsors Norton Healthcare, Firstsource and Bingham Greenebaum Doll PLLC, hosted the second event of a two-part series focused on the Affordable Care Act. Held from 7:30 – 9:30 a.m. on May 29 at Actors Theatre, the second part of the series featured Katie Mahoney, executive director, Health Policy, United States Chamber of Commerce. During her talk, Mahoney discussed health policy issues that the United States Chamber is advocating along with the recent U.S. Supreme Court case involving King v. Burwell. Full Video

PREVIEW: The Digital Delivery of Medicine – 4/16/2015

The Health Enterprises Network in partnership with series’ sponsors Signature HealthCARE and Hosparus hosted the first event of the 2015 Healthcare Spotlight series: “The Digital Delivery of Medicine.” Held at Harshaw Trane on April 16, 2015 from 7:30 – 10:00 a.m., the morning event brought to Louisville two of healthcare’s foremost experts on digital medicine and health benefit trends, Eve Phillips, CEO, Empower Interactive, Inc. and Alexander “Sander” Domaszewicz, principal and senior consultant, Mercer Health and Benefits Services.  Full Video

Wearables: Where it’s app – 5/5/2015

The Health Enterprises Network (HEN) in partnership with Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) KY Bluegrass Chapter presented “Wearables: Where it’s app” on February 5, 2015 at Kosair Charities Clinical & Translational Research Building at 505 S. Hancock. The event focused the explosive growth of health care apps and wearable devices, including Google Glass and other mHealth products and how they might be integrated into the system of care to provide data-rich insights and real-time care. Full Video

PREVIEW: Sg2 speaks – 12/9/2014

Sg2, a leader in healthcare analytics and intelligence, helps to drive growth and performance for more than 1,200 organizations worldwide. Each year the Illinois-based company invests over 15,000 hours of expert research developing actionable and accurate forecasts, hosting live and web-based events and producing hundreds of pages of thought leadership. Sg2’s team of experts includes MDs, PhDs, RNs and many former COOs, CMOs and service line directors who scan the horizon to anticipate the upcoming changes which will transform hospitals and healthcare systems. Full Text

PREVIEW: Population Health 2.0 – 9/25/2014

A great focus has been placed on population health to shape the mandated improvements in providing greater care organization across all care settings and delivery methods, while navigating new reimbursement policies. The keys to success lie in innovation, collaborative approaches, ACO strategies, patient centered medical homes and the integration of technology and data.

Population health like you’ve never seen it before, is the focus of a new comprehensive, landmark book, “Population Health,” penned by local and national authors.

Featured Speakers
• Judah Thornewill
founder & CEO, GroupPlus LLC, assistant professor gratis, School of Public Health & Information Sciences, UofL

• Sarah Walsh PhD, MPH
assistant professor of Health Administration School of Health Sciences, Eastern Michigan University

• William A. Yasnoff MD, PhD, FACHMI
managing partner, National Health Information Infrastructure Advisors, CEO, Health Record Banking Alliance

Jean West
Emmy award-winning broadcaster and producer and host, Jean West’s Medical Digest, WAVE-3 TV (NBC) Full Video

PREVIEW: BIG DATA. What’s the BIG DEAL? a Healthcare Spotlight event – 7/24/2014

Featured Speakers
• Drew Goddin
managing director, health solutions practice, FTI Consulting, Inc.
• Sachin Agrawal
managing director, provider practice, IMS Health
• Patrick Stach
group manager, provider practice, IMS Health

• Jeff Biggs
executive VP, technology and operations, Peak 10

BIG DATA. It’s big alright – occupying terabytes, petabytes and even exabytes of memory. (An exabyte of storage could contain 50,000 years’ worth of DVD-quality video.) With all of this data, we are quickly becoming a “data driven culture.” Healthcare is no different. Providers are either at the starting line or knee-deep in using this wealth of information to improve patient safety and care while also saving their organizations substantial costs. In fact, in a recent PwC study, 95 percent of healthcare CEOs said they were exploring better ways to harness and manage big data. Full Video

PREVIEW: Telehealth? Telemedicine? E-health? What’s the connection? What’s the value? – 5/9/2014

Named as the top health trend for 2014 by Forbes, telehealth is lauded by its advocates as one way to significantly reduce medical costs. With explosive growth expected in the coming years in the U.S. (telehealth is expected to grow at an annual rate of 56 percent until 2018), telehealth is certain to change much of how we do healthcare. On May 9, Tom Morris MPA, Rob Sprang MBA and Eve Phillips discussed the value proposition from Federal, State and frontline technical applications.

Tom Morris MPA, associate administrator for rural health policy, Health Resources and Services Administration, US Department of Health and Human Services; Rob Sprang MBA, director, Kentucky TeleCare, University of Kentucky, UK Healthcare, co-project manager, Kentucky Telehealth Network; and Eve Phillips MBA, CEO and co-founder, Empower Interactive, San Francisco, California. John Jennings MBA, assistant VP of Midwest operations and chief technology officer, Trinity Video Communications, Louisville served as moderator. Full Video

PREVIEW: Population Health Management + Quality of Care + Informatics = Value – 4/22/2014

The Health Enterprises Network (HEN) in partnership with Norton Healthcare presented the first installment of the Healthcare Spotlight series on April 22, 2014 from 7:30 – 10:00 a.m. at Signature HealthCARE. This event entitled “VALUE: Population Health Management + Quality of Care + Informatics = Value” featured speakers Phillip Polakoff MD, MPH, MEnvSc, senior managing director and chief medical executive, Health Solutions Practice, FTI Consulting and John Langefeld MD, chief medical officer, KY Cabinet for Health & Family Services, Department for Medicaid Services. Eric Schmitz, field vice president KY, Humana served as moderator. Full Video

PREVIEW: Retail Health: A Solution to the Provider Shortage – 10/31/2013

Before 2009’s H1N1 pandemic, virtually no pharmacists were administering flu vaccines. Fast forward three years and 5.5 million patients received flu shots in Walgreens’ retail settings alone. According to nationally-renowned Princeton University economist, Uwe Reinhardt PhD (and past HEN speaker), retailers identified a niche “that needed to be filled, and they filled it” with an option, no less, that many consumers find convenient, affordable and accessible.

Now in 2013, retail clinics are sprouting up in nearly all major, retail, super-chains from Walgreens, to Wal-Mart. In fact, nearly 30 percent of the U.S. population lives within a 10-minute drive of some type of retail clinic. Adding to the convenience factor and short waiting times are the cost savings to both consumers and health insurers. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota noticed such cost savings ($1.2 million) that the company eliminated co-pays for enrollees who used retail clinics.

Shortage of primary care physicians and its impact on access to care has also added to the rapid growth of retail clinics. Seventy percent of Americans report that they are unable to get same-day appointments with their primary care physicians while 30 percent lack a regular source of primary care altogether. And the growing shortage doesn’t seem to be letting up with the Association of American Medical Colleges predicting a shortfall of 29,800 primary care physicians by 2015 and 65,800 by 2025.

Featured Speakers
• Alan London MD
Alan London is the chief medical officer for Take Care Health Systems, Consumer Solutions Group (CSG), providing leadership in building and maintaining external physician and health system relationships for Healthcare Clinic at select Walgreens.

• Geoffrey Rappaport
Geoffrey M. Rappaport was the co-founder and president of the highly successful hair cutting enterprise SUPERCUTS (founded in 1975) until it was sold by the founders in 1987. In 2002, Mr. Rappaport founded SUPERTEETH in Warren, Michigan. SUPERTEETH is a unique branded approach to primary care dentistry and oral health.

• Jamie Ware JD, MSW
Jamie M. Ware is the policy director for the Convenient Care Association (CCA), the national trade association of over 1,450 private-sector retail clinics.

• Jean West
Emmy award winning journalist and anchor Jean West has focused on medical and health-related reporting and broadcasts for more than two decades. Full Video

PREVIEW: The Coming Chaos featuring Thomas Lee MD, MSc, chief medical officer, Press Ganey – 9/12/2013

Health Enterprises Network (HEN) presented The Coming Chaos, Provider Responses to Healthcare Reform: Lessons from Massachusetts featuring Thomas Lee MD, MSc, chief medical officer for Press Ganey Associates and former network president of the nation’s largest accountable care organization, Partners Healthcare System on September 12, 2013. Full Video

PREVIEW: Evidence-Based Design featuring Craig Zimring PhD – 9/5/2013

The Health Enterprises Network (HEN), in partnership with Hall Render Killian Heath & Lyman, PSC, presented the next installment of the Healthcare Spotlight Series’ Quality and the Bottomline entitled Evidence-Based Design with Craig Zimring, an environmental psychologist and professor of architecture and psychology at Georgia Tech. The event, was held at Office Environment Company, on September 5 from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m.

Evidence continues to mount that the physical environment of a healthcare facility can contribute to the safety and quality of the care given and even the patient’s perception of the care. Evidence-based design, as it’s called, is increasingly becoming a part of many hospital and healthcare providers’ integrated improvement strategy plans as they seek to measurably enhance the care they provide as well as the perceptions of that care by patients, families and staff. Full Video

PREVIEW: Disney in Healthcare with Lee Cockerell

Lee Cockerell, former executive vice president of operations for the Walt Disney World Resort speaks about delivering sensational customer service in health care. Full Video

PREVIEW: The Advisory Board Company’s Michael Hubble – 6/14/2013

Baptist Health has graciously agreed to loan the Health Enterprises Network one of The Advisory Board Company’s key national speakers, Michael Hubble. Mr. Hubble, the group’s senior director, will address the new paradigm for growth including accelerating the migration from volume to value, forging partnerships across the care continuum and the new partnership standard for suppliers and service providers. He will also touch upon becoming a partner in accountability and evaluating opportunities to forge new, stronger bonds with providers through optimizing episodic care delivery, supporting the transition to value-based care and partnering on population health management. Full Video

PREVIEW: Population Health Management, A Healthcare Spotlight Event – 5/29/2013

One of the latest buzzwords in healthcare reform, population health management or PHM, is aiming to shift the focus in healthcare from rewarding quantity to rewarding quality and from clamoring for volume to obtaining value. Defined as the discipline of managing the clinical and financial risks of a defined group of individuals, population health programs are on the rise as more companies build partnerships and share responsibility for patient outcomes and satisfaction, data collection and analysis, member education and engagement and at-risk populations.

Some of the topics that will be addressed during this event include:
• Key concepts in population management and complex care management
• The relevance of the concept of a “medical home”
• The necessary partnerships needed to fully implement population management and the need for heavy reliance on data
• How access to efficient and consistent care is key
• Changes in technology and data management to reduce healthcare costs; the role of the physician
• MD2U’s nurse practitioner model in seven states, its real-world successes and the day-to-day operational challenges
• MD2U’s current CMS demonstration project
• Care transition; MD2U’s readmission prevention program

Thanks to our series sponsor, Hall Render Killian Heath & Lyman, and our gold sponsor, Kindred Healthcare. Full Video

PREVIEW: The DC Insiders Speak – 3/7/2013

The U.S. Congress serves as the voice of the American people. Through legislative debate and compromise, it creates laws that influence our lives on a daily basis. The first Healthcare Spotlight of 2013 gave attendees a rare opportunity to hear about the inner workings of Capitol Hill as seen by DC Insiders, John Williams III and Andrew Coats. Currently attorneys at Hall, Render, Killian, Heath & Lyman, P.C., both Mr. Williams and Mr. Coats have worked closely in a variety of posts on Capitol Hill. Mr. Williams was the former press secretary for the House Committee on government reform and oversight and was a member of the senior communications staff committee during one of the most interesting periods of recent legislative history – the impeachment proceedings of President Bill Clinton in the House of Representatives. Mr. Coats, with a decade of legislative and legal experience, has worked in the Bush Administration, on Capitol Hill and as a Legislative Assistant to Rep. Mark Souder of Indiana. Moreover, he has written and advocated for numerous bills and amendments. Together, Mr. Williams and Mr. Coats offered a must-see, kick-off event for the year in healthcare.

• John F. Williams III

In addition to serving as Press Secretary for the House Committee on government reform and oversight and a member of the senior communications staff committee, Mr. Williams also served as the Chairman’s advisor on domestic policy matters ranging from annual appropriations and budget issues to health care, social security reform and transportation funding. Mr. Williams completed his undergraduate studies at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and earned his law degree at George Mason University School of Law.

• Andrew C. Coats

Andrew Coats serves as Of Counsel in Hall Render’s Federal Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy practice area and is based out of Washington, D.C. He brings a decade of legislative and legal experience having worked in the Bush Administration and on Capitol Hill. From 2003-2006, Mr. Coats served as a Legislative Assistant to Rep. Mark Souder of Indiana where he was the Congressman’s point of contact on the House Education and Workforce Committee and Select Committee on Homeland Security. Mr. Coats wrote and advocated for numerous bills and amendments dealing with authorization requests and appropriations, Higher Education and Homeland Security issues. Full Video

PREVIEW: Microsoft & Dr. Bill Crounse – 1/29/13

In his role as senior director of worldwide health at Microsoft, Dr. Bill Crounse travels the globe to help developers, clinicians, health executives, government leaders and others understand the real impact of information technology and software solutions in health and healthcare. From enterprise applications for care team collaboration, to hands-free navigation of images in the operating room, and from health-themed games on a smartphone to virtual consultations in the living room, Dr. Crounse views information communication technology as an essential way to improve the access, cost, and quality of care as well as the satisfaction of those providing and receiving it. During this event, Dr. Crounse took attendees on an exciting and deeply personal journey showing how software and information technology are improving the delivery of health information and medical services around the world.

Featured Speaker
• Bill Crounse MD, Senior Director, Worldwide Health, Worldwide Public Sector, Microsoft Corporation

Responsible for providing thought leadership, vision, and strategy for Microsoft technologies and solutions in the healthcare provider industry, Dr. Crounse travels nationally and internationally to evangelize the use of information technology as a way to improve care quality and safety and the satisfaction of those who provide and receive it.

Dr. Bill Crounse is the primary contributor to Microsoft’s Health Blog – – and has written and produced dozens of articles, audio-casts and videos. More

• Kenneth Wilson MD, MS, CPE, System Vice President, Clinical Effectiveness and Quality, Norton Healthcare. Full Video

PREVIEW: Sharing the Wealth: Meaningful Use Stage II – 1/24/2013

Featured Speakers
• Steve Heilman MD, Chief Medical Information Officer, Norton Healthcare
• Polly Mullins-Bentley, Deputy Executive Director, Kentucky Health Information Exchange (KHIE)
• Kathie McDonald-McClure, Partner, Health Care Practice Group, Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs, LLP
• Brent Mckune, Senior Technical Implementation Specialist, Kentucky Regional Extension Center

• John Stearman, Corporate Program Manager, Baptist Health Systems

Overview of Event
• The sharing of data between healthcare providers is right around the corner. How do we begin the evolution?

A viable, not to mention classic approach to any information systems problem, is INPUT – PROCESS – OUTPUT; it follows chronology and is a time-tested way to approach a data problem. Each step of the process has a technical component, a process component, a legal component as well as a policy side.

This event will look at the multi-faceted issues involved as professionals and hospitals progress towards meeting Stage II criteria. More specifically, discussion will revolve around how data is transmitted, challenges for accepting data, clinical quality measures, where providers are in the Stage I process and how they will transition to Stage II, public health measures and how to report, transitions of care, meaningful use audits and legal issues surrounding risk assessment and patient engagement. Full Video

PREVIEW: “End of Life Care” with Dr. Casarett, Dr. Rotella & Phil Marshall – 11/8/2012

Featured Speakers:
• David Casarett MD MA

Associate Professor in the Division of Geriatrics at the University of Pennsylvania, a faculty member of the Penn Department of Bioethics, and Chief Medical Officer of Hospice and Palliative Care for the University of Pennsylvania

• Joe Rotella MD
Senior vice president/chief medical officer, Hosparus, board certified in hospice and palliative medicine

• Phil Marshall, president and chief executive officer at Hosparus

Benjamin Franklin famously stated “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Although it is true that eventually everyone will die, the way it plays out is much more uncertain. Costs associated with the end of life are staggering with some studies finding that between 20 and 30 percent have no meaningful medical impact. As the topic of health reform is central to our daily lives, the tangential ethical and financial issues surrounding death and dying are also up for rigorous debate. These issues go deeper than money and will perhaps be some of the most complex that our nation faces.

At this event, we grabbled with the tough issues of end of life and the considerations that need to be made, both ethically and financially, in navigating this part of life. Full Video

PREVIEW: Healthcare Spotlight with Kathy Reynolds -10/3/2012

The Health Enterprises Network (HEN), in partnership with Hall Render Killian Heath & Lyman, PSC, Seven Counties Services and Kelley Construction, presented the fourth installment of the Healthcare Spotlight Series’ Financing in Healthcare: 2012 entitled “Bi-Directional Integration of Behavioral & Physical Health” with Kathleen Reynolds MSW, ACSW on October 3, 2012. Ms. Reynolds, the director of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)/Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), spoke at UofL’s Clinical and Translational Research Building on the national landscape of integration and provided details on how these initiatives could impact Kentucky. Full Video

HEN – Where Now? Strategic Navigation of Healthcare Reform

A five minute preview of the popular Health Enterprises Network session “Where Now? Strategic Navigation of Healthcare Reform”.  Health Enterprises Network members have access to this full video presentation, and many others. Full Video

HEN – Mergers and Acquisitions – Navigating Multiple Technologies

This is a five minute preview of the strategic Health Enterprises Network session “Mergers & Acquisitions – Navigating Multiple Technologies”.  Health Enterprises Network members have access to this full presentation and many others. Full Video