Purifier Man, a company founded and led by Healthcare Fellow class of 2022, Brian Byrne, inked a new distributorship agreement with RZERO. R-Zero is the first biosafety technology company to provide a smart, sustainable disinfection ecosystem that improves productivity and health through clinically clean shared spaces. The world’s first continuous autonomous disinfection ecosystem. Locally Trilogy has started using the RZERO System.

The week before Purifier Man entered into another  agreement to distributorship with ActivePure Technology products. ActivePure technology is a true pioneer in Air Filtration & Purification Air Filtration Systems from Plug & Use Portable Units, Ceiling Tile Air Filtration Systems, Induct Air Systems, Transportation Units for Airplanes, Busses. Etc… ActivePure created the Air Filtration for NASA and its Space Craft. ActivePure Medical Guardian Air Purification& Filtration System is 1 of only 2 units classified as a Class II FDA Approved Medical Device.

These two distributorships were added to the other two distributorships of Purifier Man. The Patho2gen Foot Sanitizer System which is currently used at Norton Healthcare and it Electrostatic SaniSpray 360 Service currently used by Masonic Homes of KY, BCA Bluegrass Center of Autism.

Purifier Man is dedicated and proud to be a national one-stop trusted resource for creating safer, healthier, cleaner, breathable air and environments.   Purifier Man was also asked to be on the TV Show Advancements with Ted Danson on Bloomberg in the summer but still working to confirm details.