Humana was recently profiled in Katie Couric Media:

Jerry McCoy of Houston, Texas, has suffered from diabetes for 20 years. It once got so tough that he couldn’t go to church or outdoors at all for two months. What he needed was thoughtful, personalized care. Thanks to our friends at Humana, he finally got exactly that. Less than three months after working with the care team at one of the company’s CenterWell Senior Primary Care facilities, McCoy is now exercising more, has lost over 30 pounds, and has taken charge of his high blood pressure. “I’ve never had care like this before,” says McCoy. “They made me feel like I was the only patient they had — they appeared to be more concerned about me than I was.”

Last year, Humana launched CenterWell, a new brand that represents all the ways Humana keeps patients at the center of everything. How? By using what they call a whole person approach to senior-focused primary care.

“It’s hard to get people to really focus on taking care of their health if they’re worried about housing, transportation, or access to healthy foods,” says Renee Buckingham, president of Humana’s Primary Care Organization, which includes CenterWell. That’s why CenterWell offers comprehensive, integrated support services that allow the physicians and care teams to fully understand their patients’ lifestyles and environments to improve outcomes. And since over 80 percent of seniors live with one or more chronic conditions, the care teams at CenterWell typically include physicians, nurses, behavioral health specialists, social workers, pharmacists, and care coaches — giving seniors access to an array of specialists.

Learn how Humana’s Whole Person approach works.