There’s a talent shortage nationwide in different career fields. One of those fields is technology. As part of a multi-million dollar investment, Fifth Third is partnering with Louisville-based company, Interapt, to help bridge the talent gap in the city and beyond. New HEN investor Fifth Third bank is investing 180 million dollars nationwide to majority-black neighborhoods. That includes the Russell Neighborhood in Louisville.
Interapt is a technology solutions company that also focuses on skills training with their Interapt Skills program. With Fifth Third, they’re going to help train people in the Russell Neighborhood.

Cartier Gates is an Interapt Skills Alumnus. He’s now with GE Appliances working with User Experience and User interface, or as its known in the business, UX/UI.

“I can stay in this role, or I can move to another one,” said Gates, “but my passion is UX/UI, and I was blessed to have the opportunity to actually get this.”

Gates has large expectations for this investment into West Louisville.

”I would love for this to be like the next Silicon Valley,” said Gates, “just transforming the whole city to a tech environment.” Read full article here.