Ten years ago the African-American and Hispanic NRGs were created as associate-led and associate driven groups that work to impact Humana’s culture, consumer, careers and communities where we serve. NRGs provide personal, experience-based forums for exchanging ideas, building community and driving measurable business outcomes. NRGs help us see through their diverse lens while making business decisions.

NRG membership is comprised of people who personally identify with the group, as well as allies, who want to support and amplify the voices of the marginalized community. 2020 also marked the year that Humana’s Network Resource Groups received national recognition as one of the Top Companies for Employee Resource Groups by DiversityInc.

The importance of a strong network across the company of like-minded people was especially needed in 2020 as we were isolated from friends, family and coworkers during the pandemic. The NRGs were quick to pivot to support the NRG community and ensure that people were feeling connected across the organization.

Social justice and unrest also marked 2020. The NRGs banded together to support affected communities including hosting Courageous Conversations for associates impacted by the unrest. We also launched an Allyship program to help all associates at Humana learn and grow on their allyship journey. With the launch of this program, we expanded the NRG Ally Toolkits, continuing to work toward our goal of having an ally toolkit for each of our nine NRG communities in 2021. Read more in Humana’s Inclusion & Diversity Report.