Trilogy Health Services, LLC announces changes for 2022 for its ancillary services subsidiary Synchrony Health Services. It will now include Synchrony Pharmacy, Synchrony Rehabilitation, Synchrony Wellness Pharmacy and Synchrony Lab under its umbrella. Synchrony Health Services was created during 2019 to capture clinical excellence obtained through collaboration and coordination of care between Trilogy owned pharmacy, therapy, and other clinical services.

Additionally, Randall Bufford, Founder of Trilogy Health Services, will now serve as President and CEO of Synchrony Health Services. Bufford will focus on growing the existing business, expanding into new lines of service, and leveraging technology and service line collaboration to create value added outcomes for existing and future partners. He will also be leading the effort to raise capital from third party investors to fund Synchrony’s expansion plans.

“We at Trilogy Health Services already know the value of Synchrony as our partner, however, one of the biggest lessons learned at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic was the need in the market for better services from ancillary providers,” President and CEO of Trilogy Health Services Leigh Ann Barney said, “As we formally launch Synchrony on a broader platform, we are excited to see the benefits of collaboration applied to not only our Trilogy residents but the medical community at large.”

“I am excited to be leading this next chapter for Synchrony. By housing Pharmacy, Therapy, and Lab Services under one brand, Synchrony is signaling that they can provide person centered wellness with a collaborative approach that creates better clinical outcomes for those they serve,” Synchrony President and CEO Randall Bufford said.

Effective January 1, 2022, PCA Pharmacy has officially changed its name to Synchrony Pharmacy. The company’s rebranding aligns itself more closely with the excellent clinical solutions offered under the umbrella of Synchrony Health Services. While PCA Pharmacy’s logo and name will change, its ownership, leadership and dedication to excellent service will remain. Synchrony Pharmacy will continue to partner with Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living and other healthcare facilities to meet the needs of residents through specialized clinical operations support services.