The Academy of Music Production Education and Development Russell Tech Business Incubator (AMPED RTBI) is partnering with Humana (NYSE: HUM), to champion health equity in West Louisville. The AMPED RTBI provides a multitude of services, including financial, legal, and marketing, to 30-plus Black and Latinx-owned businesses.

The following four RTBI entrepreneurs, whose missions are focused on addressing health inequity in their communities, were recently surprised with investments totaling $207,500 to assist with their business development:

Dave Christopher, Sr., Founder and Executive Director of AMPED, said that it “takes a village to get this done” regarding the AMPED RTBI and Humana’s support. “We are greatly appreciative of the partnership with Humana to come alongside AMPED to make this all work.”

Keisha Smith, Associate Director, Health Equity Louisville Community of Opportunity at Humana, echoed the importance of the partnership between AMPED and Humana. “At Humana, we are excited to have a continuous relationship with AMPED RTBI. Through our partnership with AMPED and these entrepreneurs, we’re able to take intentional action to address health disparities, making it easier for people in West Louisville and all the communities Humana serves to achieve their best health.”

The partnership will continue to grow as Humana plans to invest further in AMPED RTBI in 2022. To learn more about AMPED and the RTBI, please visit