The storms that hit Kentucky and other states on December 10 were devastating in so many ways. They left a path of destruction few in the commonwealth have ever witnessed, and the recovery (both physical and emotional) will be an arduous task. In times such as these, people rely on their local hospital to provide care for the victims, and the state’s hospital employees have stepped up to this challenge in outstanding ways.

Kentucky’s hospitals provide high quality health care every day, but at no other time is it more visible than during a disaster. Their employees spent countless hours giving life-saving care to their neighbors, often when they were suffering from losses themselves.

In addition to emergency health care services, hospitals have provided housing for people who have lost their homes, fed their communities, helped locate missing individuals, given monetary donations to those in need and worked together to coordinate care.

The Kentucky Hospital Association (KHA) is honored to represent these selfless heroes and is giving back.

In response to this disaster, KHA created the HERO Fund (Hospital Emergency Relief Operation). Donations to this fund will provide financial assistance to any employee of a Kentucky hospital or health system who has suffered physical injury (to themselves or an immediate family member) sor property loss. The association kicked off the donations with a $20,000 contribution to the fund.

To donate, visit or contribute via Venmo to @KHA-Hero-Fund. Donations by check may be sent to: Kentucky Hospital Association, Attn: Sharon Perkins, Post Office Box 436629, Louisville, Kentucky 40253-6629.

Kentuckians are lucky to be served by their local hospitals and the dedicated employees who work there, especially in times of need, and this fund will help provide for them in their own time of need.