The Advanced Manufacturing & Logistics Network (AML), an initiative of Greater Louisville Inc. (GLI), is a collaborative of manufacturing and logistics companies that come together to share best
practices and engage with resources to improve individual business performance and strengthen the community as a whole.

The goals of AML are to:

  • Be a catalyst for regional collaboration, leading the charge to build a stronger manufacturing and logistics network
  • Be forward-thinking in our vision for AML Create more intentional connections with members, and provide members with accessible contacts to one another
  • Acknowledge and promote member successes
  • Utilize and promote member facilities for programs and events
  • Curate policy and advocate for the interests of member companies
  • Increase regional company membership representation
  • Facilitate cross-industry connections to advance the future of the workforce

Strategic Plan Deliverables: The Advanced Manufacturing & Logistics network is a critical component of GLI’s overall cluster strategy. Industry clusters offer regions the opportunity to specialize by gaining specific competencies and knowledge that allow the region to compete effectively, and by allowing public investment and other resources to be focused where they will bring the most economic benefit. AML member knowledge and expertise is vital to supporting the work that GLI does to grow the regional economy.

For example, the following outcomes have been identified as deliverables in workforce and education in 2021:

  • Connect at least four companies to workforce or talent resources
  • Connect at least four educational partners to AML members
  • Promote at least one youth career pathway opportunity with AML members
  • Convene AML ecosystem partners and facilitate collaborative planning through an innovation lens

Read AML’s 2021-25 Strategic Plan.