What drew you to participate in the Healthcare Fellows program?

At the time I participated in the Healthcare Fellows Program, I was employed at Passport Health Plan, who’s CEO was Mark Carter. Mark encouraged me to participate in the HEN Fellows Program as a way for me to learn about and make contacts in the Louisville healthcare community.

What company were you with and what was your role when you were in the program?

I was the VP, Chief Compliance Officer at Passport Health Plan.

Any insights gained while you were a Fellow?

The insight I gained was that companies like UPS are part of the healthcare economy. I also gained insight into the fact the healthcare industry (medical facilities and professionals) is distinct from the health insurance industry (health insurance companies) and that there are several professional organizations (law firms, accounting firms, etc.), who support the healthcare and health insurance industries. All of these industries are represented in Louisville.

What is one thing you learned about Louisville as a healthcare ecosystem?

I learned that Louisville healthcare had a rich history but needed to be “brought together” to be able to attract and retain healthcare companies and become a force in growing the Louisville economy.

What professional or personal connections were made while you were a Fellow?

I made personal and professional contacts with Mike Fine at Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs and Jantzen O’Neal at PwC.