Two local organizations are working together to provide financial, physical, and mental benefits for Louisville’s low income senior citizens.

SOS collects and redistributes surplus medical supplies to local partners and to communities around the globe, and now they have formed a partnership with Dare to Care to disperse personal hygiene supplies to those who need it most in our community.

The first shipment of supplies, including 3,675 pounds of incontinence supplies, was delivered to Dare to Care’s warehouse today. Next, the items will be distributed to Dare to Care’s food pantries throughout Kentucky and Southern Indiana and given to elderly citizens in need.

The cost savings of this donation is crucial to these food banks and to the actual recipients, as they are very low income and the monies normally used for these items can be redirected to a more urgent need within the household.

Having access to free incontinence products not only helps keep seniors safe from infection and sores, but even more importantly, they give them back some of their dignity and allow them to enjoy a more active lifestyle.

This collaboration was initiated by Brian Jointer with the Community Health Centers, who was working with both SOS and Dare to Care and saw the opportunity for this partnership to benefit some of our communities most vulnerable populations.