In the fires of the Covid-19 pandemic, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kentucky and Dare to Care Food Bank have tempered what leaders describe as an “organic” partnership between two organizations.

The two engaged in several programs in 2020 to meet the needs of the community as well as to buoy Dare to Care.

It’s no secret: Nonprofits suffered mightily because of the pandemic and efforts to contain it. Many volunteers backed off their work for fear of engaging too much with too many people and risking getting the virus. And early on, it wasn’t clear how nonprofits were to comply with state guidelines for which organizations could open, and then how they could open.

Enter the Dollars for Doers Challenge, in which Anthem matched every volunteer service hour to Dare to Care with $10.

Dare to Care is able to squeeze 30 meals or 80 nonperishable food items out of that $10. And the program increased volunteer work and resulted in $40,000 to Dare to Care.

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