Two global organizations based in Louisville are partnering to send a massive shipment of water treatment equipment to the eastern part of Africa. More than 630 pieces of safe water equipment provided by WaterStep are bound for communities in Kenya, where they will impact approximately 1.7 million people. The shipment, valued at $76,000, represents the largest one-time deployment of equipment in WaterStep’s history. Included in it are 130 waterballs, 150 M-100 ChlorineGenerators, 250 BleachMakers, and 100 20-liter BleachMakers. It was made possible by a partnership with UPS that provided shipping for the equipment by airplane to Africa.

“Being a good corporate citizen is about helping our global community with purposeful giving,” said UPS Region Community Relations Manager Justin Heckel. “In 2020, UPS transported more than 2,700 shipments, containing more than 13 million pounds of humanitarian supplies, supporting 115 countries. Working with community organizations like WaterStep to identify immediate needs allows us to provide resources that create the largest impact and help UPS move our world forward by delivering what matters.”

“To be successful, WaterStep imagines a space without bias, innovative solutions and support from likeminded dreamers,” says WaterStep Founder and CEO Mark Hogg. “Over time anything can happen, but a miracle can come along to change the game. UPS opened our minds to a new idea that we now call Pipeline. UPS will deliver a large amount of WaterStep equipment where most needed and thus open the valve to a WaterStep Pipeline. Then the equipment will be strategically dispersed by our international volunteer leaders on the ground for maximum impact. The partnerships’ first Pipeline is going to Kenya’s Lake Victoria Region. We call it “Victoria’s Hope.” UPS understood the best solution. It doesn’t just change the way we work. This partnership is changing the way we think!”

Approximately 157 million people in Eastern and Southern Africa are not connected to a safe water distribution system. In many developing countries, women and children are primarily responsible for gathering water for their families. They travel up to 3-5 miles a day to reach a water (contaminated) source. The strain on the body can result in severe spinal and skeletal damage, and the walk takes them away from getting an education or starting a business. WaterStep’s WaterBall holds up to 12.5 gallons of water and provides a more efficient way to transport water over rugged terrain. Plus, it’s made of a durable plastic to block sunlight so that bacteria does not grow inside.

WaterStep’s award-winning M-100 ChlorineGenerator produces thousands of gallons of safe drinking water a day by using a 12-volt car battery and salt to safely produce chlorine gas that is injected into unsafe water to kill waterborne pathogens.

The patented BleachMaker is a portable device that uses water, salt and a 12vDC power source to produce powerful disinfectant used for cleaning, cooking, bathing and even sanitizing water.