Dean Dorton, the region’s leader of accounting, assurance, tax, business consulting, and technology services, has been rapidly growing in the Southeast market throughout the past few years and is proud to announce the addition of Breakpoint Technology, a data analytics and technology collaboration practice out of Louisville, KY effective July 1, 2021. 

Breakpoint Technology is led by Judy Nichols, CEO, who launched the company along with Greg Petrites, CTO, and Jessica Gray, COO in 2016. Their vision was to build on their long-standing commitment to customer relationships and to drive improvements through collaborative and innovative partnerships with customers that focused on understanding the business needs first and foremost.   

Breakpoint Technology brings an exciting and critical element of data analytics, digital transformation, and process automation to Dean Dorton’s clients. Using the concept of a “breakpoint” or an intentional pause, or rest point, in which the Dean Dorton team will help solve problems and find solutions, business issues are reviewed to help clients find the best approach in which to move forward rather than forcing them into a one size fits all scenario. In addition to being a recognized leader in IT business management and collaboration solutions, the new Dean Dorton team has deep experience in integrated portal solutions, workflow automation, data and analysis solutions, enterprise budgeting for academic medical centers, custom development solutions, and more. What does this mean? Find out more here. 

The team has also earned Gold-level partner status with Microsoft. The leadership team at Breakpoint Technology has been working in this space for more than 15 years and in many cases as the trusted “go-to” partner for the Microsoft teams they work with most closely, particularly in the Healthcare and Education spaces. 

“We are thrilled to welcome Breakpoint Technology to Dean Dorton at a time when data analytics, artificial intelligence, and digital business process automation are continuing to change the way everyone does business,” says David Bundy, President and CEO of Dean Dorton. “Organizations of every size need to be investing in process automation and consider how they can make their organizations nimbler and more effective using the data at hand to make confident decisions quickly. Breakpoint Technology’s team and expertise will allow us to help our clients achieve success at a completely different level, putting them a step ahead of their competition.” 

“This is an exciting time for Breakpoint Technology to become a part of the Dean Dorton team. Our focus has always been to ensure that our solutions support the key components of our customers’ business as we partner with them toward success. Joining an organization like Dean Dorton that truly understands those key business drivers, at a time when the push for a full digital transformation is desperately needed in order to stay competitive, will enable us to jointly provide a higher level of service to our customers throughout the United States and worldwide,” says Judy Nichols, Breakpoint Technology CEO.