For Ashley Duncan, the director of inclusion and diversity and a vice president at Republic Bank, giving all employees “a vehicle to be a consistent voice at the executive table” has been a priority since joining the bank in September 2020.

So when employees in the company’s Pride business resource group — which includes people in the LGBTQ+ community — discussed an idea to allow transgender and nonbinary customers to use their self-identified chosen first names on their credit cards, Duncan said she took it straight to leadership.

“Without hesitation, they said, ‘Let’s do it,'” said Duncan, who previously served as the first diversity hiring specialist for Jefferson County Public Schools

On June 1, through a partnership with financial services giant Mastercard, the Louisville-based Republic Bank launched its True Name debit cards for customers, allowing them to use their chosen names without the requirement of a legal name change.

Ben Tobin, Louisville Courier Journal

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