Sponsored by the Louisville Healthcare CEO Council

Humana. Kindred Healthcare. BrightSpring Health Services. All of these companies were founded and scaled in one place. The health care aging innovation industry requires a passionate, innovative and dedicated workforce to support companies through multiple growth and life cycles. At the same time, these professionals are tasked with remaining at the forefront of a fast-growing industry tackling one of the greatest challenges our nation faces today: the health care aging innovation industry.

Carefully cultivated and nurtured in Louisville, Kentucky, the health care aging innovation industry presents opportunities to find solutions to challenges across the entire continuum of care and in every pocket of the population. These challenges require a careful blend of technology and human touch — because these will determine not just how and where we will age, but also the degree of dignity, connectedness, and compassion we each receive in our advanced years. Already providing more than 21,000 employment opportunities in a health care aging innovation industry that is still expanding, Louisville is among the most preeminent cities in the world for careers related to health care aging innovation.

“Industry professionals are not just drawn here for jobs, but for careers and a dynamic lifestyle” said Tammy York Day, president and CEO of the Louisville Healthcare CEO Council. “Thousands of health care aging innovation leaders have already planted roots in Louisville, and with the promise of career growth opportunity in a family-friendly city, they’ll never have to leave.”

In an inclusive, dynamic and thriving mid-sized city, opportunities to write the next chapter in health care aging innovation are emerging to solidify the city’s position as that industry’s global epicenter. The city’s ability to attract workers is rooted in a relatable Midwestern sensibility, and a healthy dose of Southern hospitality. Louisville’s investment in recreation spaces, as well as cultural and arts activities — benchmarks of quality of life — elevate its competitiveness against larger coastal cities long seen as leading centers of business and innovation. Not anymore. To cap it off, Louisville has also cultivated an internationally recognized food and bourbon tourism scene known as Bourbonism.

With a population of 1.3 million people from all walks of life speaking 100 languages, Louisville is a city of striking contrasts. Both affordable and accessible, it excels in advancing health care aging innovation technology and breakthrough caregiving and business of health care solutions. For medical, health care, technology professionals and entrepreneurs, the city checks every box.

“Building a solid, reliable and productive workforce in any region and city is a multifaceted effort with many dependencies,” said Jon Rousseau, CEO of BrightSpring Health Services. “It’s not an easy task, but as we work to attract health care aging innovation professionals, we can rely on the city to sell itself in terms of quality of life, appeal and professional opportunities.”

Everyone has a personal story of what inspired them to want to find solutions for the health care aging innovation space. The reasons included remaining in touch with an aging grandparent, caring for a sick parent or just a desire to contribute to the health and well-being of others. The health care aging innovation career field is one filled with passion and purpose. And that same motivation can be put to work in the large corporate setting of Humana, Kindred or one of 12 other industry-leading headquarters, or a mid-size technology company, startup, or entrepreneurial boot-strapped solutions company.

As Louisville’s health care aging innovation field continues an upwards trajectory of growth, the density of the cluster affords an opportunity for continual inter-industry professional advancement without the need to relocate.

For health care aging innovation professionals shopping for the perfect blend of career satisfaction and affordable quality of life, Louisville is the epicenter for personal and career growth at every stage.

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