For Signature HealthCARE, 2021 is a year to go above and beyond with cutting-edge technology in the long-term care and skilled nursing sector. As our nation currently fights multiple strains of the unpredictable and virulent COVID-19 virus, Signature has been forward-thinking and aggressive in fighting this pandemic’s pathological and unforgiving behavior. Recognizing the opportunity to excel and advance in a time of great change has always been a part of Signature’s mission: To revolutionize healthcare and help our residents and staff live life with purpose! It is for these critical reasons that Signature HealthCARE now has created the Signature SAFEGUARD Program that will be implemented in all 110 of our long-term care facilities in 10 states.

The Signature SAFEGUARD Program will be added to Signature HealthCARE’s existing comprehensive strategy to fight COVID-19, which began at the start of the pandemic. Signature SAFEGUARD aims to reduce and control infectious agents that can have serious medical consequences, such as COVID-19. One of the primary platforms in this program is the innovative approach of Viral Mitigation Solutions powered by Premier Workforce Solutions SM. Viral Mitigation Solutions is an infection prevention and control platform that uses state of the art technologies proven to mitigate the transmission of infectious viruses with thermal inspection, ionic air circulation and cleaning (or aerosolized virus mitigation), and electrostatic sanitation that helps reduce infectious exposure to our residents and staff who live and work in our facilities and their families who visit. This multi-faceted and comprehensive infection prevention and control platform is critical in mitigating the transmission of infectious particulates, including viruses and pathogens that can lead to serious medical issues.

For more information on the state of the art technology of this program in our facilities, please click the video link provided: