Since 2019, SOS has donated 6,400 pounds, worth approximately $100,000, of medical supplies to provide hands-on learning opportunities for Spalding students. This year, the school will be able to incorporate a pediatric hospital simulation lab into their pediatrics course this semester because of the most recent donation.

David Stewart, Director of Spalding’s acute care hospital simulation lab, hasn’t had to worry about where the day-to-day medical supplies will come from or whether his 300-500 nursing students will be able to complete the tasks at hand. The donated supplies from SOS have saved the students thousands of dollars per year. “SOS keeps the lab stocked and ready with supplies,” says Stewart. “The donated supplies keep our students’ skills top notch so that they don’t have to purchase a $275 skills kit anymore.”

Other departments at Spalding, such as OT/PT and athletic trainers, also benefit from the partnership with SOS. Laura Stimler, Assistant Professor of the Auerbach School of Occupational Therapy program at Spalding, says the donated supplies will give more than 50 occupational therapy students the opportunity to practice complex transfers, line management, and handling of equipment in a safe and risk-free environment. “Thanks to SOS, I also plan to incorporate a pediatric hospital simulation lab session into our pediatrics course this trimester,” says Stimler.

An added benefit? The donated medical supplies allow Spalding to compete with larger state colleges, like UofL and UK, with larger budgets and student populations.