HEALTH SECURITY:  Affordability of Prescription Drugs—High and rising prescription drug prices are a key priority for AARP. Older Americans use an average of 4.5 medications a month, often on a chronic basis and have a median income of $26,000 a year. As a result, older Americans are hit particularly hard by high and rising prescription drug prices. We will continue to advocate for solutions that help to reduce drug prices – not just simply shift costs to other payers. We will continue to advocate for solutions that will lower drug prices such as Medicare negotiation authority, policies to limit year-afteryear price increases, capping out-of-pocket costs in the Medicare Part D program, greater access to low-cost generics, improved competition, lower out-of-pocket costs, and greater transparency in drug pricing and information for consumers. We are actively engaged in the COVID-19 vaccine development and distribution process, and will continue to push for a vaccine that is safe, effective, and available at no-cost to older Americans. Read full report here.