Sullivan University’s Practical Nursing Program has been ranked the second-best program in Kentucky by Nursing Degree Search, an online service that researches and compiles information for students seeking information about nursing schools and programs.

“You’ll be in good company if you decide to attend Sullivan University,” Nursing Degree Search posted on its website.

Sullivan’s administration and faculty are the main reason for the high ranking, said Sullivan University Dean of Nursing and Associate Professor Carla Carter.

“Our main objective at Sullivan is for every student to succeed,” Carter said. “Sullivan University administration and faculty are caring, compassionate nurses with many years of experiences and skills beyond the clinical setting, with a clear vision of nursing and nursing’s value.”

Sullivan’s Practical Nursing Program takes students into the world of direct patient care. Beginning with the most basic fundamentals such as changing the patient’s linens and helping the patient into a comfortable position, students will learn how to care for and assess complex wounds, change bandages, apply dressings and learn basic respiratory care, including oxygen administration and advanced respiratory skills such as tracheostomy care. Studies will include a variety of hands-on skills as well as checking the patient’s blood pressure, temperature, pulse, and respiratory rate and status.

“In a practical nursing program, students are taught the value of preventive health care,” Carter said, “including learning patient nutritional needs, hygiene, and healthy dieting and lifestyles that will prevent future health care problems.”

Students also study the human body systems including the organs, muscles and the skeletal, circulatory and respiratory systems. In addition, students study pharmacology, learning the medical use and effects of drugs, pharmacological principles, therapeutics, and medication administration.

“A practical nurse needs patience, compassion, and understanding of a patient’s needs,” Carter said. “Students have to work hard to stay on top of it all.”

After completing the course work, graduates will have been prepared with the necessary knowledge base to successfully sit for the National Licensure Examination (NCLEX) to become a licensed practical nurse.

There are a number of career opportunities which include positions in long-term care facilities, hospitals and physician offices.


Nursing Degree Search’s rankings were designed to help students choose the best place to pursue their nursing education. Some of the factors used to create the ranking include post-graduate earnings, amount of time to graduate and average student debt.