WaterStep has received a prestigious Theodore Roosevelt Government Leadership Award for its patented Water On Wheels (WOW) Cart Disaster Response System and its partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency.

WaterStep is the winner of a 2020 Teddy Award in the partnership category, which recognizes significant, lasting achievements by the government’s cross-sector partners in helping federal officials meet mission goals. Government can’t solve the pressing national challenges of the 21st century on its own. Agencies require the expertise and partnership of non-government partners and private-sector companies that have tailored their products and services for the federal market. This award recognizes WaterStep’s outstanding contributions in helping the government deliver on its promise to serve the American people.

“The WOW Cart was years in the making and earned a Creative Research Design Agreement with EPA, which was awarded partnership of the year in 2018 by Federal Labs. The EPA’s testing and feedback on the effectiveness and applications of this system was invaluable,” say Mark Hogg, Founder and CEO of WaterStep. “To be considered part of President Theodore Roosevelt’s legacy is truly an honor.”

WaterStep’s patented WOW Cart is a portable, mini water treatment system that serves as a simple and affordable replacement option for bottled water. It contains all of the components needed to provide thousands of gallons of safe water for drinking, bathing, cooking and cleaning.

The WOW Cart, developed by Kurtis Daniels and WaterStep’s volunteer engineers, includes the internationally awarded M-100 Chlorine Generator for safe water, water pumps, various power options, UV, filtration and a charging station for disaster responders to charge phones and critical electronics. It also includes the patented BleachMaker, which generates disinfectant powerful enough to use for sanitizing medical clinics and fighting the Ebola epidemic and COVID pandemic.

The WOW Cart is ideal for anyone, in the U.S. or abroad, needing to provide large amounts of safe water and disinfectant in a disaster situation, including Forest Firefighters, Emergency Response Management, NGO and Corporate Disaster Relief Teams, and hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. Strategically positioned in storm-prone corridors, the WOW Cart intercedes where people are waiting for expensive bottle water deliveries or the arrival of large reverse osmosis machines that require lots of power and skilled technicians. Almost anyone can learn to operate the WOW Cart system in a matter of hours.

WaterStep recently deployed a WOW Cart to Lake Charles, Louisiana to aid those affected by Hurricane Laura’s destruction.