BASE10 Genetics, Inc. has a foundational saying for its company; Millions are Waiting. That simple statement echoes the nationwide call for quicker, more accurate, and accessible testing as we continue to see long lines wrap around stadiums and testing sites around the country. There is no doubt, one of our greatest weapons against this global pandemic is testing. That is why BASE10, in partnership with Premier Workforce Solutions℠, is excited to launch BASE10’s COVID Care Elect Program, a dynamic COVID-19 testing and tracking strategy for those in the workforce and for their families at home.

“Workers shouldn’t have to choose between financial hardship and their health or safety,”, said Dr. Michael Fang, CEO of BASE10. “They are looking to their employers for a solution and that’s where BASE10’s COVID Care Elect Program can step in and be an answer. Our turn-key platform enables employers to launch their COVID response strategy within days.”

With the BASE10 COVID Care Elect program, employees who are on-the-go or at home with symptoms can have access to a saliva PCR test kit that is shipped to their location with lab results  within 48 to 72 hours. The saliva test kit is easy to use and sets itself apart from nasal or oral swabs. As this PCR test is a spit tests that detects the virus itself, no painful nasal swab or oral swab is needed. And with 24/7 access to the BASE10 app created for this program, the entire lifecycle of a potential infection is clinically monitored, assessed, and communicated with all parties involved, creating a comprehensive, pre and post-testing and reporting service. As a result, an infected individual is able to get timely information and the crucial medical attention needed to prevent the spread of the virus.

“We are elated to be able to offer companies and their employees an easy testing option during this unsettling time,” said Sara Harris, Sales Consultant for Premier Workforce Solutions℠. “Employees are headed back to the office, children are returning to school, and the anxiety of it all could be counter-productive for companies. The COVID Care Elect program can give peace of mind as you have a PCR test on hand if needed. You will have 24/7 monitoring, not only for you as an employee, but for your family, so you can focus on your career.”

The BASE10 COVID Care Elect program is much more than a test. It’s a data-driven, physician-led process for the continuum of care required to get hardworking individuals successfully and safely back to work, to support their families and the economy, plus a platform for continued monitoring, care and support afterward. This concierge testing program includes, but is not limited to, health surveys, scheduled testing, physician reviewed directives, and the up-to-date tracking of tests, appointments and recovery data through the app. This kind of in-depth monitoring is a crucial defense strategy for companies.

“This is the most innovative benefit I’ve seen in my career thus far”, said Nick Porter, Vice President of Total Rewards, Signature HealthCARE’s benefits, compensation and workforce development agency. “With BASE10’s COVID Care Elect program, employees can skip the lines, get the same test you would get for COVID in a lab or doctor’s office, but at home, through a spit kit. Within 48 hours, you get results regardless of what state you are in. I’ve done it myself! This is a complete game changer.”

A key in optimizing this testing program is BASE10’s network of licensed clinical labs prepared to handle the demand. Furthermore, BASE10’s test kits and program will soon be available in thousands of pharmacies nationwide.

“We are a platform that is powered by clinical data, solid tests and good strategies”, said Dr. Fang. “We are excited to offer this program to companies and to partner with Premier Workforce Solutions℠ which allows us to implement our mission to help millions stay healthy and productive and get back to a better quality of life. We are excited to see the expansion of our program to so many companies, and we look forward to serving their hardworking employees.”

And accessibility doesn’t just apply to obtaining the PCR tests kits. It also applies to the financial ease of receiving the tests. The BASE10 COVID Care Elect program is an employer or employee paid option. Employees can select the program for themselves or for their entire family and, thanks to BASE10’s partnership with Premier Workforce Solutions℠, the tests can be payroll deductible for a duration of 6 to 12 months.

“Benefit Administrators like myself are always looking for relevant benefits for our workforce,” said Porter. “Health Insurances cover the cost of testing for employees and members. But they do not cover the costs that can accrue during the length of time it takes to get test results back! In some cases, results are taking two weeks! Furthermore, self-funded insurance plans are paying for multiple layers of getting tests ordered. From the initial doctor or ER visit, to getting the test, then the lab fee if a test is ordered, plus a physician’s fee to clinically decipher it, costs mount! With this benefit, all of those are built into one fee at a heavily consolidated price. That’s convenience for employees, and a more cohesive process for employers.”

BASE10 Genetics, LLC is confident that the tracking and the around-the-clock monitoring and recovery strategy of this innovative testing program is a critical piece to a nationwide puzzle for successful testing and treatment. Through the program’s ability to pinpoint the virus, follow its lifecycle, and indicate an individual’s immune response to it, the process of full recovery can begin, and getting back to work can be profitable for all. BASE10 and Premier Workforce Solutions℠ know this program will help revolutionize our nation’s demand for testing. It’s a strategy we all are excited to share.

All BASE10 testing is FDA compliant and has exceeded FDA performance requirements during rigorous studies by manufacturers and accredited national biomedical laboratories.

If you have any further questions and would like to know more about the COVID Care Elect program, you can email Sara Harris at