Is Healthcare Going Digital? The Role of Virtual Care

The COVID-19 global pandemic spurred rapid advancement for telemedicine, breaking down barriers both for healthcare providers and for patients. Since Baptist Health expanded its Virtual Care capabilities, providers have seen more than 125,000 patients remotely. In this “HealthTalks Now” episode, the team talks with Brett Oliver, MD, chief medical information officer, and a practicing primary care physician, and Nick Sarantis, director of Digital Health. They walk listeners through each Virtual Care option, including virtual visits, e-visits, and telephone conversations, and explain costs, insurance coverage, and access through the MyChart patient portal. In addition, they discuss the next steps for Virtual Care and other innovative digital tools Baptist Health is using to enhance patient care.  Listen to the podcast here.

Men’s Health: Deferred Maintenance Part 1

Statistics show that 60% of men don’t see a doctor regularly, with just 3 of 5 men getting an annual physical exam and 40% seeing a doctor only when they have a serious medical condition. During Men’s Health month, we caught up with Michael Eli Pendleton, MD, a family physician in Baptist Health Medical Group’s busy Deer Park practice in Louisville. In this two-part episode, Dr. Pendleton describes the relationship between alcohol, stress, “belly fat,” and a host of other diseases and conditions. He reveals reasons to “rethink that drink” and explains how you can have a problem with alcohol without realizing it. Listen as Dr. Pendleton dives deep into the hottest men’s health topics, answering the questions men are afraid to ask. Listen to the podcast here.

Men’s Health: Deferred Maintenance Part II

How is taking care of your body like caring for your car? Michael Eli Pendleton, MD, explains in part 2 of a special “HealthTalks Now” podcast focused on men’s health. Dr. Pendleton, a Louisville family physician, describes how “deferred maintenance” can cause health problems for men as they age. He tackles touchy topics, such as testosterone, fertility and prostate screenings, and outlines steps men can take to protect their health decade by decade. “My job is to really try to help people live their best lives. It works best if I can help you get started early on and help establish some good habits,” he said. Listen to the podcast here.