“Humana has put a focus on its employee well-being initiatives for years—and that work is offering lessons for responding to COVID-19,” notes FierceHealthcare in an article about Humana’s Associate Well-Being Report.

The report was released publicly yesterday, and Humana’s Tim State, SVP, Associate Health and Well-Being, and Kathy Driscoll, VP and Chief Nursing Officer, spoke with FierceHealthcare Senior Editor Paige Minemyer.

The publication noted how Humana is meeting the challenge of the coronavirus pandemic with “a holistic approach to wellness and including physical and mental health, a sense of belonging, purpose and security.”

“Everything we’re going through as a nation and the world it really impacts all four dimensions of the way we at Humana think about well-being,” Tim said.

Kathy noted that the report shows high levels of engagement and a sense of purpose among Humana’s clinical workforce, which are critical metrics during a pandemic.

“We’ve really seen the sense of purpose and the sense of working for an organization that you feel very connected to and proud of…increase consistently over the last several years with the clinical population,” she said.

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Access the online Associate Well-Being Report here.