Monday, June 13; 1:30 PM

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As the Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights’ (OCR) next rounds of audits heat up this year with the new protocols in place, management of risk becomes more and more critical. Given the lack of focus placed on the audit section related to risk management in the 2012 protocol, risk management seems to have become a focal point in this round of audits. Many organizations have gotten on board with the heavy focus that HIPAA, HSS, and OCR placed on risk analysis over the last few years. However, when it comes to transitioning from risk analysis to risk management, many covered entities and business associates struggle to prioritize the findings and efficiently track risk management efforts. Years of updated and repeated risk analysis show the same results without significant progress towards minimizing information security risks through proper risk treatment, risk remediation, and risk management. Clearly a requirement in healthcare, this topic is very relevant to all industries where sensitive data is at risk. Register here