In the months of March and April, OCR enforcement penalties totaled over $8 million. Lack of patient access to medical records continues to be one of the top three compliance issues investigated by OCR. Under HIPAA, individuals have an enforceable, legal right to request copies of their medical records maintained by covered entities at a reasonable and cost-based fee. State law fees for medical records may not be permissible under HIPAA. With Phase 2 audits currently underway, don’t let a lack of compliance for patient access rights and permissible fees make you a target for enforcement.

Hall Render attorneys Charise R. Frazier and Ashley L. Thomas will share their experience with proactive steps that covered entities can take to avoid costly penalties and liability that a violation of the HIPAA Access Standard can bring. Join us for this webinar to learn practical tips for removing barriers of access to medical records, understanding reasonable and cost-based fees for medical records and avoiding OCR enforcement. Privacy officers, corporate responsibility officers, risk managers, health information managers, office managers and legal counsel should consider attending this informative webinar.

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