Having delivered business solutions around the world as a West Point Engineer, executive with extensive leadership, scale and investment experience – Patrick brings a global outlook to his entrepreneurial pursuits. Currently the VP of Growth, Startups & Technology at Cintrifuse – Patrick’s main mission is to help be a Megaphone for the innovation Ecosystem in the Midwest, Help Startups grow & scale, and help large corporations innovate through startups.  From Silicon Valley to the Targaw Valley in Afghanistan and from Rwanda to Rural America Patrick’s leadership and expertise in leadership and foundations are built on trust, transparency and communication. Patrick’s proficiency in moving organizations from activity to impact has been evident in accolades and exits and from being an Airborne Ranger to leading the National Policy Council for Innovation with the Application developers alliance in DC. He has been published internationally in books like the “Startup Blueprint – 7 Skills for Founders, builders and Leaders” and has keynoted events like SXSW talking Big Data and Ogilvy’s CommonHealth Worldwide Marketing Summit talking everything from Innovation, to healthcare to scaling from the battlefield to the boardroom. A true innovation expert Patrick serves on several boards from the investment committee of a $100M fund to, Gateway Community College’s Foundation, bioLogic (a life/bio science accelerator), Pipeline H2O (a waterfocused accelerator co-founded with Steve Case), to OrthoLive an emerging telemedicine platform built by and for orthopedic doctors.