On September 14th, Health Enterprises Network (HEN) will host an event, “Entrepreneurs: Louisville’s Key to Economic Growth in Healthcare.” As part of this event, HEN will feature health-related entrepreneurial companies in Louisville through the newly formed HEN VIP (Very Innovative Pioneer) program and provide them the opportunity to promote their business through 1:1 engagement with healthcare leaders.

What does it mean to be a HEN VIP?

As a HEN VIP, your company will be featured on the HEN website with links to your information and website (if available). This platform will serve as a resource to the over 180 HEN investors who are the leading health-related companies and service providers in the region.

  • Opportunity to have a display table at the event
  • Web site listing with easy click links so health-related companies can learn more about your product or service
  • Potential future opportunities to present to and engage with the area’s top healthcare leaders

Why should you submit your application?

Nowhere else will you have this kind of opportunity to connect and engage with the top healthcare leaders in the area. HEN is the only place where you’ll find the single largest concentration of decision makers in one place. HEN is focusing its energies and leveraging our partnerships and 180 investor companies to shine the spotlight on entrepreneurs and the potential growth they represent to Louisville’s economy.

Please take the time to submit an application by August 16th for your organization to be considered to be featured as a HEN VIP.

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